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They run good over a few hundred hours, which for some might take an entire year to accumulate, and they think that the results they are getting are representative of their long term result when in fact may be statistically insignificant based on the size of the game and their standard deviation which most of them never bother to calculate.As I read Sklansky in TOP, the semi-bluff can only be used correctly if you have outs if called, but more importantly, if there is also a significant chance that there will be no callers.I have thought about what would constitute an effective expert collusion strategy, and the issues become fairly complicated quickly.Also worth consideration is whether it might be more desirable to give anti-collusion advice to establishments without giving every little would-be colluder a blueprint.Just before the first cards were dealt, to my amazement, Daniel Negreanu, sat down right next to me.I think that if you have AK on the button (or even the blinds) and the whole field limps (in a loose passive game) go ahead and raise.This is something I have considered and constantly try to train myself to remain in Lowgear for stack conservation.I am especially curious as to whether anyone will change their vote now that these four questions were discussed.

I am wondering if someone can tell me what the best books are for pot limit play.Timid opponents, weakness on later streets vs. loose agressives.You can find me at Bullwhackers, Monday-Thursday during the day.I would let them raise me out of nothing pots, knowing that they are laying too much and that their gains from me will be small and their losses big.

I estimate that the overhead for going to 8 of the top tournaments per year cost over 250K.I know a very good poker player who sold his liquor store in 1960, paid off his very nice home, and still had lots of good liquid investments.As a side note I have had serious concerns concerning on line play.Fortunately, the other players in the hand were gentlemanly enough to agree to give the big blind his money back.A player has an obligation to find out if he has the correct number of cards before action starts.The discussion seems to center mostly around holdem and stud.

Right now I think the problem is small enough to be overcome.You do need to consider it when making a career decision, however.Against a friend, I probably would not bluff on the end and break his balls.His purpose for this request was to send to his students the message that in the end we are all white belts regardless of how much we know, how good we are, how successful we are, and how greatly respected we are by our peers.I have 4 months of school left, which I will complete in April 2001.I never worked more hours in my life than when I was playing poker or self-employed.Oftentimes, playing really tight is not a good counter-strategy.People who spend the time at their office pretending to be working are the laziest people on the face of the earth.

For example, the Las Vegas morons keep putting little silver in the pot to get the max rake without surveying the impact on dealer tokes or play of the game.As it is, the results of tourneys are so variant, I really have no statistically valid answer as to whether I make more or less per hour.You MAY have something to offer regarding collusion in live games but it seems to me most people want to know the truth regarding on line play.Either a very good or a very bad opponent can cost the team many many bets if they do not succeed with the bet and raise strategy.Being polite to co-workers is the same as being polite to fellow players at the poker table.Two Plus Two Poker Forums > Live Poker > Venues & Communities:. After 20 hrs of poker in 2 days my head doesn't function as well as my typing. Charles Town, WV.So the time to jam would be when we were quite sure our opponent was on the Draw on 4th or maybe had a total Fish in the hand who would be playing the Second pair ect.I have literally hundreds of player-profiles created by observations and hand histories.

Omahaha is like holdem only in form, mechanics, and appearance.What do you think a reasonable bankroll would be for a player to enter a 10K buyin event.One day they realize when middle aged they have been miserable kissing ass and making sacrifices and it is now time to do something they enjoy and excell at.Play 2 Win Casino Forum casino royale cast 1967 palms. Roulette, and more!Forum Server Two Plus Two diamond cave casino slots. Hotels Near Charles Town Wv.The exhibition of Charles Willard. has been solely' a matter of two-plus-two. Tho Wv air runs all through a P'aylB,.Many of these players will call one bet on the flop with extremely weak hands, then routinely fold on the turn when they do not improve.I think it is a great book for anyone who already has the framework in place of a good, solid game.If it is ten dollar ante, your previous success means almost nothing.You were wrong when you stated that the changing scene would have a significant effect on your SD.

I was wondering if anyone could help me setup Microsoft Outlook Express to subscribe to the RGP newsgroup.Great players play off of knowledge and experience gained from the table and from their own instincts and intuition.I began to think I had been taught a lesson from a successful tournament player.There are several reasons why a lot of good players dislike Omaha.slot games free play. poker agent play the slot machine little six casino menu charles town races and. poker law-two plus two poker cheat.A big advantage to these drawing hands is the implied odds: you can put a disproportionate amount of money in the pot AFTER you make the draw or hand.I play in a big potlimit game and find it hard to pay attention half the time.I know for sure Id rather the MacDonalds alternative than have to serve a life sentence playing limit.However when Im en route to Binions every April I tend to forget what a pain in the ass this wonderful game can be.JP Massar wrote an article some time ago regarding EV and satellite tournaments which was interesting.Official Records for 5 October 1995. The cynicism that we all experienced as we brought our message to the front doors and town halls of. Two plus two still.

You are heads-up with the obvious best pair vrs an opponent who can have anything, could have made anything on the end, and will pay it off if they have or make a small pair.At the end of the rebuy period even after buying the max chips I could I was low man on the chip pole.It would appear better to let your partner take a cheap flop, and then you can combine forces either to clear the field with a probably good but vulnerable flop, or to trap and extract extra value from opponents if one of you should get lucky and hit something big.The better control you have of a game, the more you can make.

Sklansky's table on poker hands David Sklansky. on gambling theory and poker. His books are published by Two Plus Two. of U.S. Senator Charles.If you could ask for any first three cards in 7 stud Hi-Low split, which cards would be the best.Even if the open showed down four tens, he could not have won.Take my word for it as I have tried it there are no shortcuts - if you have the funds to play 30-60 you are rich.I have played with computers and written software for yucks all my life.Dan youre so right.Poker is so exciting when its your hobby its hard to imagine how boring it can be when its your job.Sure youre your own boss and all of that but that only gives you the freedom to decide when to work.Rather the game requires skill in selecting drawing hands especially pre-flop and post-flop.I being an engineer and a long time programmer solved it differently then you.You are a better mathematician than me.

We play it with 5 cards with either one row of 5 or two rows of 5 and if 8 or less players 3 rows of 5.He also talks a great deal - about everything and nothing, sometimes obnoxiously verbose.

I might call with Q2s in the BB if UTG raised and eight cold callers to me with no possibility of a reraise (an unlikely scenario).In order to insure that they never lose their bankroll they must grind it out at the lower limits first.Real Series Video Slots - 3 extra free games - Wins up to 50,000 times.

To complete the illustration, we have to make some assumptions.My advise is to leave if you should have over half the money on the table. if you stay you will otften find that you are feeding money back to the other players. F. If you are being outplayed for some reason.

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At present, poker is my only source of income and I am very confident in any low-limit game and consistently beat them.